Vacations, whatever form they take, are a chance to unwind, regroup and take a step back to examine your life from a different angle, a new perspective. Traveling, especially abroad or to a place we have never been before, allows us to temporarily leave our old life behind and adopt new customs, new ways of thinking and looking at the world, ways that can crossover into our everyday lives.

Musculoskeletal conditions are a leading cause of burden and disease across the EU Member States. Europe’s ageing population and changes in lifestyle suggest that without action the burden of these conditions will increase. Health and fitness professionals are now noticing a decrease in the physical functionality of their participant and are beginning to address it. The continual decrease in everyday activity has contributed too many of the postural deficiencies seen in people.

Therefore, today’s training programs cannot stay the same as programs of the past. In other words, the programs must consider each person, their environment, their eating habits, their psychological mood and the specific exercise design that will be performed to prevent them from diseases and to improve their musculoskeletal functionality.