Learning Activities

Specifically during the activities of the project:

A total of 6 exercise and health specialists (6 exercise experts -2 physical therapists between them) 2 physicians (across GER, GR, NOR and CY) with significant impact on each individual learner will collaborate with another HEI and one non-profit organization with impact on hotel industry (TEIA, ALBA) and policy makers (ALBA) through Joint Staff Training Event. The project contributes to co-operation within and between a variety of professionals (physicians, exercise experts, counseling) connecting practices from different thematic areas to impact diffusion at hotel industry (hotel managers and tourists).

The joint curriculum program that will be developed and piloted will be incorporated to the existent curriculum of three HEIs in three different countries, with calculated ECTS as a grading scale.

The 30 learners-participants in the Pilot of the curriculum (ISP and long-term distance teaching) (10 students for each partner organization) will impact on others via a cascade effect of spreading knowledge and learning gained through the program. In this way there will be significant impact on exercise specialists’ employment in the participating hotels and thus employment across the EU.