Partners and their role

The main goal of the partnership addresses the need to develop a new intensive learning program (focused on transforming ‘ideas into action’ in line with Europe 2020 recommendations) for exercise, health & tourism specialists, which acts as a catalyst for their own professional development.

In order to create and develop an innovated GO FIT project, partners from different countries with transdisciplinary approach were selected:

  • Clinical experts with dual role (physiotherapists and orthopedic medicals in Germany, St Anna Hospital, Herne) on current methods of clinical treatment for common muscular skeletal conditions (i.e. knee pain, shoulder pain, low back pain) and possible preventive strategies,
  • University of Suffolk’s (UK) academic staff with knowledge in counseling on current methods how an individual can follow a healthy lifestyle (i.e. Exercise and eating habits),
  • Higher Education Institutions’ staff (Democritus University of Thrace, European University of Cyprus & the Norwegian Kristiania University) with knowledge and skills in kinetic system’ discomforts, in chronic diseases and in body weight control management through exercise programs and
  • Experts in tourism (Athens University of Applied Sciences & ALBA Business School).